PROPEX II metal dental apex marker / dental apex marker

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PROPEX II metal dental apex marker / dental apex marker
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Technische Daten
Place of Origin: Swaziland
Markenname: Dentalsun
Model Number: PROPEX II
Power Source: Electric
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sale Service: Return and Replacement
Material: Metal
Shelf Life: 3 years
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class I
Safety standard: GB15979-2002
Type: Oral Therapy Equipments & Accessories
Name: Dental PROPEX II Apex Locator/Dental Apex Locator
Display: LCD Screen
Certificate: CE
Place of Origin: Swaziland
Markenname: Dentalsun
Zertifizierung: ce, CE
Model Number: PROPEX II
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Dental PROPEX II Apex Locator/Dental Apex Locator


ProPex II Apex Locator The ProPex II is a modern apex locator based on innovative electronic technologies and Maillefer's long term expertise in the field of endodontics.

The ProPex II uses multi frequency technology enabling the location of the apical foramen with great precision under a wide range of canal conditions. The compact;

stable and easy handling design enables the ProPex II to have a user friendly interface. The files can be tracked visually on a large colour screen and an optional

progressive audio signal complements the colour LED screen and digital indicators. The ProPex II is powered by a rechargeable battery thus eliminating the need

for frequent battery replacement.


A. Design theory is based on huamn structure,covenient for daily use.

B. This apex locator has broad screen which makes it possible to view the entire path of the instrument being used.

C. It owns three tracking moudles of numerical disply,arrowhead and vocal signal .

D. Accurate and reliable locating function.

Technical points:

A.Locating area,go beyond the physiology root apex but lies round its narrow area.

B.Once informed arriving at the root apex area,we suggest step back the apex locator by 0.5mm.This technic avoid enlarging the physiology area of the root apex.

C.Density limitation of sodium hypochlorite,high density sodium hypochlorite may reduce the accuracy of apex locating,so the density should be controled under 3%.

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